The Isaac | Milstein Group is the preeminent strategic advisor and partner of choice for financial institutions and innovative FinTech participants in the domestic and global financial sector. We offer an extensive range of independent advisory services to financial institutions and banks of all sizes, and the agencies and prudential authorities that govern them. A centerpiece of our work focuses on helping our clients navigate the complex regulatory landscape and implement important industry initiatives, especially in times of crisis.

Governance, Risk & Compliance Services

Financial institutions and other closely regulated organizations face continuous pressure to reduce risk, increase transparency and foster ethical cultures. Cultural capital in the finance industry has emerged as a foundational centerpiece and social pact to bring reliable and integrity-driven services to the public. Our governance, risk management, and compliance advisors have decades of experience applying tried and true methodologies to address compliance and risk management needs. These services include:

  • Evaluate board composition, committee charters and structures
  • Design communications processes to measure results and maintain strategic alignment
  • Assess organizational risk culture, business ethics, and market conduct and integrity programs
  • Develop whistleblower reporting systems, trend analysis, and fraud prevention and detection programs
  • Enhance investigations procedures and escalation protocols
  • Improve oversight efficacy through customized dashboards, metrics and information packages
  • Provide strategic and tactical advice on matters requiring board attention and remediation
  • Assess and recalibrate Three Lines of Defense risk mitigation and controls
  • Conduct risk assessments to estimate probability, inherent risk factors and risk mitigation strategies
  • Design and develop enterprise risk management programs
  • Formulate operational risk frameworks, including business resilience and continuity planning
  • Oversee BSA/AML model validations, system calibrations and implementations
  • Enhance Know Your Customer/Enhanced Due Diligence and Customer Identification risk processes
  • Enhance OFAC and sanctions screening programs
  • Oversee lookback remediation and remediation project management
  • Design and develop third-party and vendor risk management programs
  • Conduct program operations, monitoring, and planning based on U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations and related international compliance program frameworks
  • Assess Codes of Conduct and Business Ethics for employees, boards and third-parties
  • Design regulatory and consumer compliance remediation programs
  • Design financial crime compliance (sanctions, money laundering, bribery & corruption)
  • Evaluate and develop governance structures, including policies and procedures
  • Evaluate and develop training, education and awareness programs for boards, management, and employees through interactive, engaging, and informative learning tools and methods

Information Governance, Technology and Cybersecurity

As big data and information overload continue to pressure organizations to improve policies, procedures and training, institutions need to remediate and mitigate risks arising from cybersecurity, data privacy and enterprise content management. Records retention and data security requirements are more complex than ever, and we have innovative and rational solutions to help mitigate these high-risk areas.

  • Assess information security and reporting obligations, including attestations
  • Strengthen privacy and information protection protocols
  • Review records retention and information management systems and policy implementation
  • Assess and test business resilience and continuity
  • Analyze business processes and workflow management
  • Build and modernize technology infrastructure governance and oversight

Business Strategies and Planning

Our former bankers and senior regulators help management teams build effective business strategies. We offer unparalleled insights in devising such plans, as we also advise Central Banks and financial institutions globally on what to expect and what must be in place before and during bank financial failures. Our team also has extensive experience with de novo bank applications and effectively work with clients to navigate the regulatory requirements for new bank formation.

  • Evaluate and develop business plans and financial modeling
  • Design go-to market banking and branch franchise strategies
  • Assist product design and market penetration strategies
  • Provide application expertise for de novo bank and industrial loan company formation
  • Assist and support regulator and investor presentations
  • Assist in developing digital banking strategies
  • Design climate change and sustainability programs

Independent Monitor, Resolution and Liquidation Services

Our team has rich experience with court- and government-appointed independent oversight and remediation services for troubled institutions. Central banks and agencies turn to us in these situations for integrity, subject matter and industry expertise, reliable investigative results, and objectivity. Our team of former bank supervisors offers large bank resolution planning expertise from hands-on experience.

  • Support regulatory reform implementations for large commercial banks
  • Oversee and supervise business wind-downs, liquidations and asset dispositions
  • Provide independent monitoring for deferred prosecutions, liquidations and receiverships
  • Support deposit insurance and bank resolution programs for international and domestic regulatory agencies
  • Assist on resolution planning and interpreting regulatory guidance and plan submissions
  • Evaluate reasonableness of resolutions plans, including assumptions, strategies, and capabilities
  • Interpret regulatory expectations and help address concerns for successful plan submissions

Safety and Soundness

Our experts bring exceptional insights and experiences to bear on engagements. We provide analysis and support in a number of critical areas for financial institutions, including crisis management, credit risk assessments, liquidity strategies, operational risks, bank stress testing, prudential regulatory standards, and complex regulatory applications.

  • Review and evaluate policies, balance sheet management, and funding strategies
  • Evaluate contingency funding strategies, escalation and communication structures and protocols
  • Access controls and staffing, governance programs, contingency plans
  • Evaluate credit risk identification, monitoring, and reporting
  • Conduct allowance for loan and lease loss assessments and reviews
  • Perform model validations and stress testing scenarios
  • Perform transaction and look-back reviews and forensic investigations
  • Advise on regulatory enforcement actions and remediation strategies
  • Provide remediation and implementation plans to address regulatory and/or audit shortcomings or criticisms

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